Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rendang Daging (Meat Rendang)


Dear readers,

One of our favourite and famous dish is Rendang.I am happy to share with you this time Rendang Daging or Meat Rendang. I have used beef here.You can substitute the beef with any other meat that you prefer.Rendang is not hard to make but you need to stir this dish constantly to prevent the dish from getting burnt. The best way is to cook it under low fire and keep stirring until it's done. If you want it dry then keep simmering for 1 and half hour.However if you want the rendang to have some gravy then you can cook it until the meat is tender and serve.

So here's the video.Enjoy.

Here's the recipe:


1 kg. meat (cut into small pieces)
35 dried chillies (boil and blend with 1 cup of water)
2.5 cup coconut milk
1 cup kerisek ( roast the grated coconut and pound/grind)
1 tbs tamarind (make a juice with 1/2 cup of water)
salt to taste
some kafir lime leaf
some tumeric leaf


2 small pieces of fresh tumeric
3 in ginger
3 in galangal
5 pieces lemon grass
15 small Bombay onion
5 cloves garlic

1) In a wok put in the meat,chilli,the pounded ingredients and coconut milk.Stir well to combine them.
2) Boil over low fire.
3) After about 5 minutes add in the tamatind juice and kerisek.
4) Stir well and simmer for another half to 40 minutes.Constantly keep stirring.
5) Add in salt,the kafir lime leaf and tumeric leaf and stir again.
6) If you wish the rendang to be dry keep simmering and stirring until it's as per your liking.
7) Serve.

Do try the Rendang Daging (Rendang Meat). It's good with any type of rice and bread.Take care.


(pix from umidishes album)


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